Advancing digital societies through our integrated ecosystem of trust products and services

Purpose driven
products and services

Beyon Connect is focused on developing and delivering innovative products and services that aim to create and advance more inclusive digital societies, serving the public and private sectors in the MENA region and beyond.

Our purpose is to advance digital trust ecosystems and create better lives for millions of people through nationally available, globally integrated and highly secure digital identity and communication platforms built on transparency, privacy and trust.

Delivering transformational value via
platforms and solutions

Seamless and secure digital trust services

Our platforms, products and services enable efficient and transparent identification and communication between citizens, businesses, and governments, with a focus on promoting citizen participation.

Foundational technologies for digital transformation

Our products and services are built on the principle of strong collaboration with public & private entities, enabling joint national projects in order to benefit a large segment of society, individuals, public and private institutions.

Trusted and accredited data security and privacy platforms

Security and data protection is at the forefront of everything we do and is a critical part of our trusted relationship with our customers and partners. We are accredited to internationally recognized standards and continue to evolve our approach to ensure we are at the forefront of trust services standards.

White labelled platforms, products and services

Our scalable platforms, products and services are designed and built to be deployed under the Beyon Connect brand umbrella, or can be white labelled to accommodate local branding identity.

Creating inclusive and sustainable digital societies

We are passionate about using technology to create better, more inclusive and more sustainable digital societies.

Focus on value, mission and core values and built principles, partnerships

Simple, secure and integrated
digital innovations

Digital ID and wallet with facial biometric onboarding, used for secure access to digital services, consent-based data approvals and delegation of access

Digital postbox and secure communication platform with value-added e-services to sign, verify, and pay

Digital signing engine, embedded into OnelD, using facial biometrics as a legally valid digital signature on a wide range of documents

Sustainable e-lnvoicing platform for large enterprises, SME’s and micro-SME’s, addressing e-lnvoicing regulations

Products and services built on principles of trust

Highly scalable

Scalable to serve national and international ambitions, processing petabytes of data per year

Highly available

Modern distributed self-healing architecture, supporting 99.99% operational availability and 99.99% durability

Zero trust

Security design based on strong end-to-end encryption and digital signature guaranteeing privacy, integrity and source of origin


Support integration with Certificate Authority (CA) and Timestamping (TS) services up to eIDAS Qualified level

Compliant with standards

Structurally compliant with eIDAS REM, UPU PREM, PDPL, ISO27001 and ISO27018 standards

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