Shaping inclusive digital societies to enable a greener, safer,
smarter and connected world

The use of paper worldwide consumes approximately 1 million tons each day, which puts a significant strain on the environment. Despite recycling efforts, much of this paper is still wasteful and unnecessary. Our goal is to provide innovative and sustainable digital services that prioritize a paperless future.

Sustainability is intrinsic to everything we do at Beyon Connect.
By embedding it within our business model and throughout our operations, we are able to improve economic value, protect the environment, and champion social development. This is a responsibility we take seriously.

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, Beyon Connect has joined the United Nations (UN) Global Compact Initiative, stating our commitment to meeting fundamental responsibilities in four key areas: human rights, labour, anti-corruption, and environment. We are proud to be part of this worldwide initiative and join over 17,000 companies from 177 countries that are already working hand in hand with the UN Global Compact.

Beyon Connect incorporates the ten principles of the UN Global Compact into our strategies, policies, and procedures, establishing a culture of integrity that supports the long-term, sustainable success of our company.

Paper-free solutions

We’re committed to helping businesses and public entities go paper-free while reducing our carbon footprint through CO2 emission reductions, supporting Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) 12, SDG 6, and SDG 15, including subgoal 15.2, by:

  • Providing access to paper-free documents
  • Eliminating physical transportation of letters
  • Digitally storing information without taking up physical space
  • Enabling secure digital communication.

Whether you're an individual, a business or a public entity, we're here to support your digital journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. Join us in creating a brighter future for all.